100 Dog Year Warranty

Thank you for choosing to support our growing family leather company with your purchase of our hand crafted dog tack! We are so confident in the materials and craftsmanship of these products that we want to back them with a 100 Dog Year Limited Warranty (15 years) . 
You’ll notice that in our shop, we build quite a bit of horse tack. In order for tack to do its job, it has to be made with the right materials. Your dog tack will come from the same leather that we use to built our horse tack. With proper care, quality made horse tack is often passed down to the posterity of cowboys for generations. When the day comes that an old bridle is hung up on the wall, it’s usually because it’s become a keepsake to the family, not because it broke. This is the type of quality we’re going for.
Therefore, we at Arnoldsen Leather co, LLC warranty this product (your new leash or collar) against any material and/or craftsmanship defects under regular use and proper maintenance for fifteen years. This is the average lifespan of a dog and seems to fit our line of work.
We work hard to produce some of the finest quality leather products on the market. Slight color variations, minor imperfections, and wear of the edges over time are to be expected for any leather product. You should know that the color of your leash or product may not perfectly match what you see in the pictures on the website; such is the nature of a real leather product. The shade of the leather varies slightly from hide to hide.
This warranty shall be void if the product has been mistreated, modified in any way (this includes adding holes), or using the leash as a tow strap or anything other than walking your dog! This warranty does NOT cover a leash or a collar that has been chewed or scratched by your dog (this product is leather, not metal).Finally, this warranty does NOT include a replacement collar for significant weight gain, or weight loss.
As time goes on, you should expect these products to wear, taking on a natural change in color (for example our harness leather may get darker with dirt, sweat, and age), this and any other natural wear is to be expected and appreciated! These natural changes are not counted as a defect and shall not be covered under warranty. This warranty shall also be void if the product has been traded or resold to another owner. 
If you feel that your product appears to be defective, wait to ship your product back to us until after we’ve approved your return. You can contact the maker directly by sending an email titled “Warranty Issue” to info@arnoldsenleather.com. We will respond promptly and we will be reasonable. 
How the process will work is you contact us by calling or sending us an email. We will discuss and review the issue and if the product is found to be defective, we will either repair what needs to be repaired or we will replace the product. Should the day come that we change the design or material of the product, we will give you in-store credit equal to the original sale price of the belt.
Please keep a copy of the original proof of purchase (for example the box or a printed recite). This way we can still honor the 100 Dog Year Limited Warranty if we cannot find your name in our records, or if the product was purchased as a gift to you.
This warranty does not include  charges connected with shipping, freight, and/or any other fees associated with shipping the product to and from our shop. 
Why do we want to warranty your Dog Tack for fifteen years? Why not! For centuries, horse tack and saddle makers across the continents have used quality, full grain, one hundred percent through and through LEATHER for their products. It wasn’t until recently that these products have started to become more and more “disposable” and made out of pleather. Pleather is imitation leather and has a very short lifespan. Our Dog Tack once walked the earth eating grass and saying moo and we’ll back that claim for 100 dog years. 
As our valued customer, we want you to be more than confident in your purchase of our dog tack. We assure you that we will continue to source the highest quality materials and we will craft every single collar that passes through our shop with integrity, never cutting corners—besides the tip of the end of the collar! So treat your Dog Tack with love, and it will be a treasure for many years to come. 

*Not all custom collars qualify for a complete warranty. Check with the shop before your next purchase for additional information on custom collar warranties info@arnoldsenleather.com